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Health Insurance Plans

With Religare Health Insurance plan's comprehensive coverage, speedy claim settlements and much more, you can be rest assured you will be worry-free 'hamesha' and get industry's best features.

‘Care’ - Health Insurance Policy has unique features like -

  • Cashless treatment at 2800+ hospitals & Daily allowance.
  • Auto recharge of your policy Sum Insured, if exhausted.
  • Get health check-ups for insured members, every year.
  • Avail treatment anywhere in the world.
  • Largest list of day care procedures-171.
  • No Claim-based loading.
  • No paperwork reqd. Buy & get policy online.

Group Health Insurance Plans

With Religare Health Insurance also offers- Group Care & Group Secure- customized Group Health Insurance & Personal Accident covers that are tailor-made to suit the individual needs of any organization or group.

In addition to health insurance, the group cover comes with a bouquet of health & wellness features like health assessment clinics, health maintenance programs, and preferential access to wellness providers for insured employees and their families – all ideal platforms for intensive employer-employee engagement.

'Care' - Health Insurance Policy has unique features like -

  • Easy to pick and choose coverage features.
  • In house Claim settlement.
  • Terrorism hospitalization covered.
  • Wellness programs- for employees.
  • Cashless treatment at over 2600+ hospitals.
  • Quick Closures.

To know more, visit our Religare Health Insurance website.

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